Random Thoughts and the Latest Pickups

Dunny Series 5 Golden Ticket

I started this blog a little over two months ago... It was basically created as a way for me to stay up to date with toys, fine arts and shows as well as let me ramble on about my thoughts on art in general. When I first started, I really didn't think it was gonna be anything at all, I mean everybody has a blog nowadays... I thought maybe a couple of my friends would check it every once in awhile and make fun of me for my grammatical errors and mis-spelled words. I'm not a skilled writer at all and at times I actually have trouble surveying my thoughts to say what I really want to say...

Throughout this whole process I've realized the importance of not only networking, but networking with the right individuals. I've been lucky enough to meet people who not only share the same interests as me but who also have a genuine concern about myself and the site's well being. I've dealt with some really shady characters in the past, individuals who only wanted to benefit and not contribute anything in return. Right now ALWAYS SEEN is in a very good place. I've surrounded myself with exceptional personalities, beautiful people who motivate me everyday!!! I'm not gonna name names but you all know who you are... I wanna take this time out to say THANK YOU and I really appreciate everything!!!

Now onto the pickups...

"The Red Hand Gang" Custom by Huck Gee
My boy JustinJ aka Mr. FLC hooked this one up for RETAIL!!! Thanks man!!!

Puto Barrelman AP #09/30 by Huck Gee
I sniped this one from Huck's eBay store... Sold out in 8 seconds!!!

Miss November 1978 by Paul Pope
I think I was the only one to buy this at KRSF but who cares... I love this piece. lol

Bounty Hunter x Kaws - OF Exclusive Kaws Kun (White)
I think I overpaid for this but I needed it... This is a stock picture mine's still sealed for now.


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