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"To celebrate the release of their new 9” 2-Faced Hazel figure from Kathie Olivas, Mindstyle has created a special all-white First Day Release (FDR) edition. Limited to 150 pieces worldwide making it the rarest Hazel edition, this figure highlights the lovely sculpt and will be available exclusively from Vinyl Pulse for $100 on Tuesday January 6th 2009, the official release date for the 9” 2-Faced Hazel. We’ll post full details on Monday."




Patrick Francisco is an up and coming artist out of New York. I found out about him while browsing other art related blogs and forums. His artwork represents what a lot of artists try to achieve when getting into this craft. With the use of crisp, sharp lines, and well thought out designs, he produces life-like creations on many different platforms, including designer toys, wood panels, and he's even painted on vinyl records. Regardless of what platform he uses, the results are always very good. Patrick has become one of my favorite artists and I am definitely looking forward to what he has in store for the new year! Don't take my word for it though, visit his site: patrickfrancisco.com to see exactly what I'm talking about.

Patrick Francisco is also featured on spankystokes.com. HERE

I sent Patrick a couple of questions about himself and his artwork and he was nice enough to answer them. Click through to read more...

How's it going sir? How did you find out about designer toys?
Going real well, thanks for getting in touch. I've been a fan of your site for a while. I always knew toys were being customized but it wasn't until I went to see a friend's work at APW's World of Imagination Show that I saw any in person - and I was really blown away by the works. I immediately bought some munny and created my "Pantless Bunch".

When did you realize that design/art was something you wanted to pursue for a living?
I've always been drawn to art but during large parts of my life I didn't seriously pursue it. So many times I've gone back and forth trying to decide if I should chase my art dreams or buckle down and live a "normal" life. Only recently have I really made a commitment to go all out and create work I'm really happy with.

What is the meaning behind "Chimps in pajamas"???
I gave underwear to my first munny to add a humorous element since the face looked so serious. The juxtaposition of moodiness with a comedic twist just worked. It's a theme found in my earlier work like "Bricktop with Piglet" - and it will find its way in future work, I'm sure. I kept on giving underpants to toys because aside from being a funny accessory, it makes the chimp relate-able on a human level. They are really more expressions of the human condition than they are true chimp representations.

Besides art... Is there anything else you have a passion for and are relatively good at?
I've had jobs (both permanent and freelance) that required production, retouching, or design for print. Outside of that and my artwork, I am pretty much useless, haha.

Have you ever painted drunk and what was the results? lol.
Recently, a friend and I had drinks until we were so happy, we decided to visit an old professor that holds a life drawing session. I haven't seen him in years, but liquid courage and boredom brought us over for a visit. We quickly agreed that attending the session was a buzz-kill. I was drawing with a booze inspired confidence but the grotesque results will not be made public - ever!

Blank Mad*L, Munny or Dunny? Out of the 3 Which platform is your favorite?
The munny and dunny are pretty cool to work with since the anatomy is straight forward, but my pick would be the madl. It really is a unique platform with its odd proportions and contrast between rounded and angular shapes. And I just love the wide leaning stance with an attitude.

What can we look forward to with regards to yourself and your artwork?
I'm not sure if I can say for what or who specifically but I am working on a large number of sketch cards that will be out in early 2009. I am also starting a series of paintings for shows this Spring. The first is a group show in March for C. Emerson Fine Arts called "Under the Influence II". The curator, Lori Johns, has some inspiring artists participating in the show. In May, I will be showing other works at APW Gallery in NYC. It's planned as a solo show, but if I find an artist that I think is a good fit, I wouldn't mind sharing the space. As for toys, I was just invited to a show that will involve customizing a wooden DIY platform called ILLAZILLA. The designer of this toy, TNES, is an awesome artist in his own right and the new figure is a very unique one. The coming months will reveal my best work yet.

Thanks Patrick!!!
Thanks, Always SEEN.





Limited to 300 pieces worldwide!!!
Coming soon to: circusposterus.com