KOIBITO Release Party @ Munky King

KOIBITO by Yoskay Yamamoto - Release Party
Where: Munky King, Los Angeles
When: 12.11.08, 7-11 PM

Yoskay will be at this event for an in-store signing session. Both the Gold Edition(500 pieces) and the Munky King Exclusive(150 pieces) will be available for purchase.


The Art Gallery - Books by ANDREW BELL

"DO NOT EAT" Book and Postcard Set by Andrew Bell
Item Description: 204 pages, Includes a set of 6 postcards
Price: $18 plus shipping
Now available in The Art Gallery

If you'd like to purchase a copy CLICK HERE.

"NOW YOU'VE DONE IT" Book by Andrew Bell
Item Description: Soft Cover, 192 pages
Price: $14.00 plus shipping
Now available in The Art Gallery

If you'd like to purchase a copy CLICK HERE.



KOGUMA by MPH - Release Info

The MPH Labs have just announced new release info for the highly anticipated Koguma. There's no exact date set but they'll be out before the end of the year. Finally!!! I've been waiting on this design since SDCC. MPH will release their exclusive first which is the White Colorway and will only be available at myplasticheart.com. The rest of the colorways will release shortly after. I might actually be able to get a couple for the online shop but I can't make any promises yet... Stay tuned.



HUCK GEE's Latest Custom

Colonial Life - "Sgt. Vasquez" Custom Munny
Designed by Huck Gee

Info posted by Huck Gee:

"Coming this Friday, November 21st, 2008 at Noon PST, Huck releases his newest creation. Set in a new world, Colonial Life, we present one of UTCMC's finest, Sergeant Vasquez. Leader of the infamous ZOR Dread Squad. These guys (and gals) are the best of the best, the anything goes, whatever it takes, collateral damage be damned United Terran Colonies clean up crew... 10 custom hand painted Sgt. Vasquez Munnys. Each is signed and numbered (on breast plate and shoulder pad) and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $750 per figure.

Limit one figure per customer."


20" Modern Hero Dunny Raffle by MAD

Artist Mad is throwing a raffle for a 20" MODERN HERO Dunny Custom. Right now if you spend $50 or more at madtoydesign.com you will be entered in this raffle. You get one ticket for every $50 spent in his e-store and there are no limits on how many tickets you can submit. The more you spend the better chances you have to win. Good Luck!!!



Artworks by PON

is hosting a solo show by artist Pon. The show is called "Droppin Shit Like A Pigeon." Pon hails from Queens, NY and is known for having pigeons in most if not all of his artwork. At times it's actually the focal point of his design. I can assure you that there will be plenty of pigeons at this gathering. If you're in the Connecticut area be sure to stop by and check out this show. Pon surely won't disappoint.

Location: 220 State St. New Haven, CT 06511
Opening: 11.21.08, 6-8 PM
Phone: 1-888-SHOP-CH1



The long awaited Skullskin figure by Ajee has finally been released. The super limited Gold colorway is now available at bonustoyz.com. This colorway is limited to only 180 pieces and is priced roughly at around $150 plus shipping.