I recently discovered the works of Lou Pimentel through a sales thread he had on an art message board. I heard of his name before, but never actually looked into his work. I'm so glad I clicked into that sales thread because not only did I get to see some extremely beautiful artwork, but I also got to meet one of the coolest and most down to earth artist in the industry. I haven't talked to Lou in person but the messages we've exchanged just gives me the vibe that he's one really cool cat and his attitude reflects his artwork... You can literally hang some of his pieces in a newborn baby's room. I dig the cherry theme alot, cause in my opinion everything is better with cherries on top. Lou is pretty versatile though, he also has a lot of work aimed at the more mature audience. I recently picked up my first commission from him and plan to pick up more. I'm also going to get some of his work in The Art Gallery, so be on the look out for that... Thanks again Lou!!!


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