More info on Dunny Series 5

Some actual product shots and ratio info for Dunny Series 5 have finally surfaced. Posted below are pictures of a few Dunnys in the series, as well as individual ratios of each one. If any new info or pictures pop up it will be posted here... Enjoy!!!

Kathie Olivas - ?/??

MAD - 2/25

Amanda Vissell - 2/25

Steven Harrington - 1/25

Clutter - 2/25

frank kozik
jk5 2/25
reach 2/25
mad barbarians 1/25
amanda visell 2/25
junko mizuno 1/50
aya kakeda 2/25
clutter 2/25
mad 2/25
steven harrington 1/25
kathie olivas ?/??
dirty donny 1/25
toofly 2/25
jesse ledoux 1/25
mishka nyc 1/25
jmgs//jellymon 1/50
sneaky raccoon 1/25
devilrobots ?/??
huck gee ?/??

Dunny Series 5 is scheduled to release on 09.04.08... Don't forget to mark your calenders.



Usugrow presents REBEL INK

Rebel Ink was designed by Japanese Artist and Icon Usugrow. This figure is produced by Secret Base and initially released in two colorways, black and white. Since it's initial release Rebel Ink has become one of the most popular figures in the designer toy scene. To my knowledge there are seven different editions of Rebel Ink that have released so far. The sculpt is the same on all editions, there's just slight differences in color scheme and in one case tattoo print. The SDCC version has the most variation compared to the rest, the stomach tattoo actually spells SDCC and it sports a completely different back piece than the others(pictured below... Thanks Joe).

Rebel Ink Edition List:
  • Black with silver love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back
  • White with black love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back
  • Smoke Grey with silver love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back
  • Milky White with silver love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back
  • White(Golden Week) with silver love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back
  • Blue(SDCC) with silver SDCC print on the stomach, and variant silver print on the back
  • Blue with silver love/hate print on the stomach, and silver print on the back

This is such a popular sculpt that I'm pretty sure more editions are bound to drop. The only one I have right now is the 4th Edition(Milky White), but eventually I plan to track them all down... I know it's gonna cost me a pretty penny though.

Usugrow has collaborated with different companies to produce shirts, prints and even skatedecks(pictured below are samples of his other work).

To learn more about Usugrow you can check: usugrow.com
I really enjoy this guy's stuff so I have his site bookmarked in MY FAVORITE SHIT links.

Blue SDCC Rebel Ink pics courtesy of Joe aka whthalo
All other pics have been obtained from the internet


ME MAD*L DIY Competition

deliciousdrips.com presents: ME MAD*L DIY Competition

Click image below for complete details

If you get a chance, check out KR message board member nikejerk's entry. I think he's submitting a piece for this competition. Nikejerk is a good friend of mine and I think his work is pretty sick... This should be really good.

For more info check: deliciousdrips.com

Random Stuff: Green Deph Dunny 8"

The Green Deph Dunny 8" was released as a KR message board exclusive in 2006. To this day it remains one of the most sought after Dunnys ever. This is the first piece I spent more than $300 on. To me that's a lot of money but I just had to have it... There's no significant reason for me to post this except for the fact that it still KICKS ASS. Besides it's kind of slow today so I figured I might as well post about a random toy that I like... Enjoy!!!

For a complete list of Kidrobot's Production Dunnys click here.


Tokyo Plastic and MPH Labs present: Koguma

Tokyo Plastic and MPH Labs have collaborated to bring you Koguma. Koguma is basically an anatomically correct 3" figure that sits in a futuristic looking chair with speakers... No it doesn't play music either.

Koguma is set to release this fall in two colorways, black and red(pictured below).

I really like how these look, so both color ways are a must for me. I think it's a great show piece and will look good in any collection.

You can find out more about Koguma by checking: tokyoplastic.com and mphlabs.com

Pics courtesy of mphlabs.com


Angry Woebots x Dunny

This is a 1 of custom that Woebots did for KR message board member Rasta. It's truly one of the sickest Dunnys I have ever seen. I'm still trying to figure out why Woes doesn't have a production piece out with Kidrobot yet... Thanks again Rasta for letting me post this. PFOM is taking over!!!

You can see more of Rasta's Woebots Collection by clicking here.

Pics courtesy of Rasta