Angry Woebots x Dunny

This is a 1 of custom that Woebots did for KR message board member Rasta. It's truly one of the sickest Dunnys I have ever seen. I'm still trying to figure out why Woes doesn't have a production piece out with Kidrobot yet... Thanks again Rasta for letting me post this. PFOM is taking over!!!

You can see more of Rasta's Woebots Collection by clicking here.

Pics courtesy of Rasta


  1. you wonder why he doesn't have a production piece with KR yet is because he had mentioned something to me about having "plans" with StrangeCo. believe that.

    (oh, and this is Metatron1050 by the way)

  2. Sup Metatron1050:

    He's needs to hurry up and drop a production piece ASAP... lol. The wait list for his custom work is ridiculous.

    Thanks for the info.