Grimsheep was one of the very first artists I requested a commission from. The moment I saw his work, I was hooked and knew I needed to get something done... From what I've seen so far Grimsheep likes to re-create comic book and movie characters while adding his very own artistic twist. His designs are extremely detailed and could be passed off as production pieces. My personal favorites are the Batman and Skull Squadron Customs. I really enjoy Grim's work and hope to get more stuff done in the future... If you get a chance be sure to check out Grimsheep's site: www.grimsheep.net. While you're there, feel free to hit him up for a commission or two like I did... LOL.

I wanted to know more about one of my favorite artists so I hit Grimsheep with a quick Q & A. Click through to read more...

AS: How's it going sir?

It's going good, thanks.

AS: How'd you come up wit the name Grimsheep?
Grimsheep: I needed a name for an online game about 15 years ago. It's basically a combination of a local Montreal band "GrimSkunk", and the song "Sheep", by Pink Floyd. I liked the sound of it, and it was never taken when I tried to sign up anywhere online, so it stuck.

AS: How long have you been doing art/design work and what inspires you?
Grimsheep: I really hate when people answer a question like this... but, it seems like as long as I can remember. Getting paid, maybe 11 or 12 years. As for what inspires me... too many comics, cartoons, movies, and toys to mention, and these days there is just so much art, and artistic communities on the internet that I wouldn't know where to begin. Books currently sitting on my desk include some by Frazetta, Geiger, and Hokusai.

AS: Do you have a name for your particular style of art?

Grimsheep: Nope.

AS: When I look on your site I see a lot of web based design stuff... Do you design websites as well?
Grimsheep: Yeah, I worked as a web designer for a couple years. Now I do my own stuff and the occasional freelance job.

AS: You're a gamer huh? xbox or ps3?
Grimsheep: PC mostly, but I do have a Wii. I'm holding out for a redesign and another price drop, and then I'll grab a PS3. I loved my PS2

AS: Truth or Dare??? When asked this... Which one do you normally choose?
Grimsheep: I normally try to avoid Truth or Dare. No good can come from Truth or Dare.

AS: What can we look forward to, in regards to your work? Any upcoming projects? Future releases?
Grimsheep: I'm trying very hard to get pieces done in time for the Midwest Plushform Show which is raising money to buy Pocket Ninjas for Toys for Tots, and for the Delicious Drips 10" MADL competition. I'm also going to try to get a Skull Squadron series done in time for the holidays.

AS: Thanks for taking the time out GRIM... Oh and thanks for the new Stormtrooper Custom.
Grimsheep: My Pleasure.

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