Bodega by Kano

Bodega by Kano
Release and Signing @ MyPlasticHeartNYC
Date: 11/07/08, 6-9PM

Info posted by Kano:

"Wassup everybody,

Well it's been a crazy month full of custom shows and deadlines and there's no better way to go into the following month with a toy release/signing. Presented by My Plastic Heart and yours truly comes the official Bodega release, sponsored by Bombin' magazine and equipped with quarterwaters and ghetto snacks for public consumption. MPH will have 30 pieces on hand so get there early before they decide to bounce and wreck havoc on the lower east side like a bunch of drunken gremlins.

There will also be some Bodega art created exclusively for this event."




I lined up at KRSF for a good seven hours or so for this Insane Dunny release. It was raining, the line was a mess and all of Haight St. was packed. I met up with a couple KR Forum members including JustinJ and Metatron1050. All in all I had a pretty good time except for the rain. I might post up some pics of the actual event or I might not. lol.

The whole release at KRSF was INSANE!!!(pun intended)



New Releases by HUCK GEE

Later that night...
New Gold Life print

The Red Hand Gang has left a trail of destruction across the city's rooftops... and the city guard's air division is out in force hunting for them. But this still doesn't explain the Golden Claw's involvement. Something is afoot and Raku knows it. This Friday at Noon, the next print in the Gold Life series, Moonrise Rooftops. Each is printed on thick 100% cotton duck canvas (409gsm), 12"x24" (plus 1" border on all sides), gold embossed, numbered and signed. Limited edition of 80 prints, $80 each.

Huck's Ebay Store (Noon PDT, Friday 10/31)

Larger sizes available for viewing here: Huck's Flickr

The Grandfather "Golden Ticket" AP Dunnys
Well someone screwed up didn't they?

It seems the original Golden Ticket Dunnys from Series 5 were accidentally distributed with the regular series Dunnys. Oops. No worries though, Huck got together with Kidrobot and they're producing a new colorway to correct the issue for peeps holding Golden Tickets. In the meantime, Huck's AP's of the Grandfather "original Golden Ticket" Dunny have arrived. Get em this Friday at Noon. Signed, numbered, 25 figures total, $100 each.

Limit one figure per customer.

Huck's Ebay Store (Noon PDT, Friday 10/31)

Info provided by Huck Gee


New Dunny S5 Golden Ticket colorway to be released...

The Huck Gee Dunny pictured above was supposed to be the S5 Golden Ticket.

Info posted by ToyBaroness on the KR boards:

"Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know the deal with the Dunny Series 5 Golden Ticket Debacle

After doing some research it has been confirmed that all 600 pieces of the DS5 Golden Ticket Dunnys were sent out by accident. We tried locating the orders that we believed were incorrectly shipped, but were unable to track any down.

In response to this mishap we have decided to create a brand new colorway of the DS5 Golden Ticket Dunny. It will be limited to 600 pieces just like the orignial GT Dunny, but will be a completely new colorway.

ETA for the new Golden Ticket Dunny will be late January '09. Once we get them in stock at the warehouse we will begin shipping to winners."

To see the original post on the KR Forums click HERE.
Pic of the Huck Gee Dunny was taken by JustinJ of FLC.