New Dunny S5 Golden Ticket colorway to be released...

The Huck Gee Dunny pictured above was supposed to be the S5 Golden Ticket.

Info posted by ToyBaroness on the KR boards:

"Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know the deal with the Dunny Series 5 Golden Ticket Debacle

After doing some research it has been confirmed that all 600 pieces of the DS5 Golden Ticket Dunnys were sent out by accident. We tried locating the orders that we believed were incorrectly shipped, but were unable to track any down.

In response to this mishap we have decided to create a brand new colorway of the DS5 Golden Ticket Dunny. It will be limited to 600 pieces just like the orignial GT Dunny, but will be a completely new colorway.

ETA for the new Golden Ticket Dunny will be late January '09. Once we get them in stock at the warehouse we will begin shipping to winners."

To see the original post on the KR Forums click HERE.
Pic of the Huck Gee Dunny was taken by JustinJ of FLC.


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