Site Update: Online Shop and Music

Some new features have been added to the site. There is now an Online Shop and Music section available.

Online Shop:

The Art Gallery has been added as a way for you to get whatever exclusives become available on the site, including custom artwork by your favorite Artists. I decided to go through eBay because everyone has an ebay account, plus it's the fastest and safest way to complete online transactions. Don't worry each item will have a set price, so there won't be any crazy bidding going on. Stop by and check out The Art Galley. Always Seen will have the goods you're gonna need real soon... Stay tuned.


This feature will only be available on the weekends. I don't want any of you getting in trouble at work or in class during the week. The Weekend Music playlists are uploaded on the Imeem.com server. However, you're gonna have to register if you want to listen to them. The good thing is, Imeem is affiliated with Yahoo so they're legit. If you register, add me as a friend and we can exchange playlists and such. The Weekend Music playlists will be updated weekly with music from all genres.



SCRIBE @ Cardboard Spaceship

On Sept. 5th, artist Scribe will be showcasing some work at Cardboard Spaceship. The show is called "Introvert Extrovert, A Journey Through The Resound Fields." This is something that you do not want to miss!!! I only previewed a few pieces and I'm already amazed... Don't take my word for it though, let the pictures speak for themselves...

See more by clicking here.

Most, if not all, of these pieces are for sale. You can contact the wonderful folks at Cardboard Spaceship if you're interested in making a purchase. Once again the date for Scribe's show is Sept. 05th... Do not sleep!!!

The address is:
803 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz CA. 95060

For more info you can check: cardboardspaceship.net

Pics courtesy of cardboardspaceship.net



MINDstyle's China Earthquake Charity Auction

MINDstyle is hosting a charity auction for the victims of the recent China earthquake.

"This One's for the Children of Sichuan" is MINDstyle's Charity Auction and it's going on right now!!!

Check out the stuff they have for auction here.

For more info you can also check out vinylpulse.com,the official media sponsor of this event.



Random Stuff: KAWS 1997

I just stumbled across this vintage video of KAWS back in 1997. Here he is doing bus stop ads in different cities including NYC and Tokyo... Enjoy!!!

More videos of KAWS can be found here.

Dragon Con Exclusive Scavengers: Purple Aubrie

Dragon Con is less than a week away. If you're attending you might wanna pickup the Dragon Con Exclusive Scavengers figure by Kathie Olivas. The exclusive figure is gonna be a purple color way of Aubrie. This figure is limited to only 200 pieces, so act fast if you don't wanna miss out!!!

You can see more of Kathie Olivas work at: miserychildren.com