Gallery1988 SF presents Monster Art Rally

Gallery1988 SF presents Monster Art Rally
Location: 1173 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109
Show opening: 10.10.08

Info provided by Gallery1988 SF:

"Monster Art Rally" is coming soon to Gallery1988 San Francisco.

The show will feature plush and custom vinyls, all with a monster theme. The show opens October 10 and runs through November 1, 2008.

Monsters were created by... 12Punt3, 2Cents, Adrian Pina, Anna Chambers, Beastlies, Brandt Peters, Buff Monster, Bytedust, Cameron Tiede, Chet Zar, Chocolate Log Industries, Crump, Crystal Bedford, Dan Goodsell, DGPH, Doktor A, Dr. Bao-NVC Crew, El Maz & Lina Britton, Eyebone, Forestprints, Heidi Kenney, Jake Henzler, Jamous, Jayson Thiessen, Jeff McMillan, Jellibat, Jen Rarey, Jesse Hernandez, Jon Schiller, Jumble Bugs, Kano, Kathie Olivas, Koadzn, Lana Crooks, Laura Granlund, Leecifer, Little Dear, Lost Monster, Mad L, Maoma, Mister Funky, Monster Factory, Morninglori, Motor Bot, Mycryptonauts, Rebelwookiee, Serena Kuhl, Sewing Stars, Sok-O, Spasmodica, Steff Bomb, Suicide Kittens, Tapetentiere and Tim Tsui.

There will also be a limited number of original paintings and prints in the show.

The opening reception will be Friday, October 10th from 7-10PM at Gallery1988 San Francisco. There will also be live city-crushing monsters, courtesy of Kaiju Big Battel(www.kaiju.com)!

Check out some of the show artwork...

Benny & Red Bird Custom
Designed by Brandt Peters

Da Minci Custom
Designed by Tim Tsui

Fatima and Mad*L Customs
Designed by Leecifer

Mad*L Custom
Designed by Kano


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