November Releases by Kidrobot

11.20.08 - Reindeer Dunny 3-Inch
On November 20, Chuckboy’s 3-inch, doe-eyed deviant rewards nice kids with his removable bull whip and vinyl antlers, and naughty ones with two badass chases. Blind boxed and $9.95 each.

11.27.08 - Redrum Dunny 20-Inch
Kozik’s infamous smorkin’ Redrum Dunny reaches ominous heights November 27. Bloody rare and 20 inches tall, this version features a banana accessory and that fateful anagram on the back. Only 500 available, $300 each.

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  1. I LOVE the bunny!!! So cute...so disturbing...ahaha.

    Thanks for showing those.

  2. Yes, these figures are amazing.
    Thanks for looking!!!