Random Stuff: KENZO MINAMI

Name: Kenzo Minami
Age: 33
Profession: Graphic designer, T-shirt designer, and immaculately coiffed and goateed star of Reebok's "I Am What I Am" ad campaign. His piece "Synchronization" appears in the current Mercedez Benz Presents Andy Worhol show.

Kenzo's description of his work and signature style:
"Motion of precise machinery of the world working in the principle of causality and acausality at once, both as part of the system of perfectly functioning engine of the world."

Kenzo collaborated with Microsoft and added design work on a limited edition release by Zune:

Kenzo x Microsoft x Zune:

Kenzo is one of my top five favorite artist right now. I'm blown away every time I see something new from him. He's worked on every platform you can think of, but in my opinion it's still not enough... I definitely need to see more.

You can see more of Kenzo Minami's work by clicking here.


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