My first custom: Mr. SEVEN in MUNNY form


Mr. SEVEN was done a year ago in a small run of about 5. I posted them up for sale and they sold pretty quick. This is the first and only custom I'll probably ever do. The only one I have left is the AP and I won't be letting it go for awhile. I want to bring Mr. SEVEN to life on prints and other platforms, but I still need to find the right artist to help me do so... As of right now, this is all you're gonna see of him as a toy.

I do have some shirt designs of Mr. SEVEN in the works and they'll be available exclusively on this site. I'll be working with Nikejerk on this project so be on the lookout for that.

Some info on Mr. SEVEN:

Mr. SEVEN is sort of like my alter ego. He's masked so he can pretty much say and do whatever he wants. He's neither a hero or a villain, in fact his mask and uniform change depending on what he gets himself into. He's gets lucky alot though and it gets him out of some deep shit... Lucky Mr. SEVEN.


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