Featured Artist: Bryant "Etom3r" Sina

TIME IS NOW by Bryant "Etom3r" Sina @ Paddy's Coffeehouse
Open now through 09.27.08

I was first put on to Etom3r's work through KR board member Metatron1050, but it didn't take long for me to realize how talented this guy really is. He recently opened his first solo show "TIME IS NOW" @ Paddy's Coffeehouse here in the Bay Area. From what I've seen, this guy is well on his way to becoming a successful artist. Etom3r might be new to the scene, but he's definitely not new to the art and it's culture. I can't really categorize his style because every piece is done differently but in a very creative way. All I can say is, this guy is extremely good at what he does... It's a big plus that Etom3r is out here in San Francisco because it's alot easier for me to get commissions and custom work done... Thanks again for the head's up Meta!!!

TIME IS NOW by Etom3r complete set on flickr

All pics provided by: Francis Ramos aka Metatron1050

Etom3r's website
Etom3r's Myspace
Metatron 1050's flickr

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