Original-Fake and world renowned artist Kaws have collaborated with iconic Japanese artist Sorayama to bring you a newly designed limited edition figure which is said to be a hybrid of the Companion by Kaws and the Future Mickey Mouse by Sorayama. This amazing new work of art(which is currently nameless...) will measure up to around 12" in height and will consist of all metal with articulated joints and poseable body parts. There will be two colorways made available, silver chrome and black chrome. As always, this figure will be released in extremely limited quantities and will only be available at select retailers. To coincide with this release, Kaws and Sorayama will also be releasing a limited edition shirt in both black/white and white/black colorways. Pricing on the new figure and shirt is yet to be determined, but expect to pay around $1,400(USD) and $100(USD) respectively. No release date has been set for either item. Thanks to the Crazy Toyz : 0709 Blog for the head's up!!! More info coming soon...

source: crazytoyz0709.blogspot.com


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