WALRUS RIDER by Alex Pardee
Estimated Release: Mid April
Edition of 500

Info posted by Alex Pardee:

Coming soooooon from Upper PLayground and The Loyal Subjects. (Note: a bunch of other promo pics of the toy have been leaked through various websites, but this is a new never before seen drawing that I did for the toy;) Hope you like…

Oh, and If you are wondering if this little-guy-riding-this-bigger-guy-in-a-vengeful-way-rather-than-a-homosexual-way has a little back story to him, you are in luck. because he DOES! and here it is:

The girls all loved his limbs and knees,
For no one else had legs like these,
But jealousy arose with some,
Cause’ HE was having all the fun!
So late one night upon his slumber,
Darkness drenched with rain and thunder.
There he slept and dreamt of blondes,
But when he woke HIS LEGS WERE GONE!
Who would do this tragic thing?
What good is a bee if a bee cannot sting?
And what good is HE without legs at all?
Now he cannot move and he’s not that tall!
So he hopped on the back of his bestest friend,
And together they ride as he seeks his REVENGE!



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