SUPERFLAT - Takashi Murakami

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Edited by art visionary Takashi Murakami, this book united a number of contemporary Japanese artists who have gone on to have huge "solo" careers. The most prevalant are Murakami himself-his flawlessly executed manga-inspired work has become iconic through collaborative handbag designs for Louis Vuitton and sculpture in New York City-and Yoshitomo Nara, whose raw-and-painterly depictions of cherubic-but-dangerous children have become a symbol of punk art, mixing dimples and daggers, freckles and firearms. Also featured are Aya Takano, Chiho Aoshima, Mr., and Hiromix, as well as designers (Groovisions), filmmakers (Hideaki Anno), animators (Yoshinori Kanada), and others. Media range from illustration and painting to photography and video, as well as sculpture and other forms. But while the artwork is divergent, the creators share inspiration from traditional woodblock prints and paintings, modern manga and anime, and everything in between.

The colorful and dense book is grounded in Murakami's manifesto, which makes connections between traditional Japanese art such as wood-block prints and postmodern influences such as manga, anime, and toys. The resulting art and culture is a vibrant, forward thinking, and the compelling mix of of works makes little or no distinction between high and low culture or past and present. The Superflat
publication was followed by the 2001 art show that attracted nearly 100,000 viewers at

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