New Designer Vinyl Toy Show

Info posted on Vinyl Pulse:

"Vinyl Addiction, a show focusing specifically on Vinyl Toys, debuts on Myx on April 1st (Directv, COX, RCN). Hosted and produced by artist Jesse Hernandez, VA starts and ends with designer toys but mixes in the crossover with underground music, graffiti, art and pop-culture.

We’re happy to bring you a preview of Episode 1 with an interview of Marka27 (above). Enjoy. Also, be sure to check out the Vinyl Addiction site for more content from the first episode – including a tour of Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn’s collection and an interview with Roy Miles Jr., creator of the Biddies.

Featuring interviews with leading artists in the scene as well as show coverage, store profiles, and peeks into the art collections of celebs –Vinyl Addiction is must-see TV for collectors and fans. As well, we hope the show will serve as an exciting introduction to designer toys and help turn viewers into collectors..." [direct link]

source: vinylpulse.com


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