Artist Grimsheep just posted this preview pic of a new series of 3" Dunnies he's working on. Could this be the new Skull Squadron series he was talking about?[details] The only information available so far is, this will be a new blind box series of about 18 Dunnies with a Golden Ticket randomly inserted in the set. Also, each piece will be appropriately priced at $45(I'm not sure if shipping is included or not). For those of you who are interested, Grimsheep is now offering Pre-Orders!!! You can e-mail him at grim@grimsheep.net for more info.

Featured Artist: GRIMSHEEP


If you head over to toycyte.com you'll see one of Grimsheep's Customs featured on their custoMonday Giveaway. Check out the contest for details, and you might get lucky enough to own one of Grimsheep's Customs for FREE!!! Good Luck!!!

direct link: Toycyte's custoMonday Giveaway

source: grimsheep.net, toycyte.com


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