Just wanted to give the readers of this blog a heads up on a new project myself and the AS crew has been working on called "TheLegacyStudios.com"(a WIP). TLS.com is a new lifestyle website that will revolve around things that interest myself and those around me. It will also be the new home base for future releases as well as collaborative projects that we plan on doing with your favorite artist of all industries... be it urban art, toys, music, photography, etc. etc... if it's of any interest to us then you'll be able to find it on TLS.com. So be sure to check out the new website when you have a chance.

Oh and dont't worry... I'll be sure to keep www.alwaysseen.com updated. I'm a designer toy and urban art fan at heart so I'll always make sure to stay on top of this blog. Thanks again for the continued support, it's very much appreciated!!!


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