PAW! "MILKY BLISS" by Coarse Toys
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Info posted by Coarse Toys:

While he slowly grew in the giant fruit hanging from one of the trees in the endless cream garden, he had impatiently awaited this day. Anxious to see the world outside of his nebulous fruit shell. Yearning to jump around, bounce on the elastomer skin below him and embrace what his instincts would force him to do. Eventually the tree couldn’t hold the burden anymore. Awakening with a hitch, paw! awaited the clash. He huddled. With a loud "whoouuuuump" the shell slammed to the ground. Stretched from the giant load, the skin shattered and burst. This was his moment! His white bloodstream shot through his body bringing maximum energy to each of his virgin cells. paw!, almost exploding, bounced back into the air. Stretching his legs and arms to prepare for second impact. The time had come. A new paw! was born.

Coarse is proud to present paw! milky bliss. The initial and most original colorway of paw! A powdery epiphany.

paw! the tiny monkey rabbit is 12 inches tall and comes in a heavenly banana carrot box topped with a felt leaf. Remove the rubberband and find paw! well protected in soft sponge. Waiting for you to wake him up!

On sale Monday, June 29 at 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong time (10:00 p.m. EST) at coarse hkg. paw! milky bliss will also be available at Taipei Toy Festival (coarse hosted by pixie) and in the pixie online store. For more info please visit www.coarsetoys.com.

source: coarsetoys.com


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