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My name is Abe Lincoln Jr. and I am a Graphic Artist living and working in Brooklyn NY. I'm working on the launch of a new series of Artist's Multiples called Fugue State Records.

Fugue State Records is a fictional "Extreme Music" record label. I will be using the form factor of the humble 7" record to release singles from the fictional Hardcore and Heavy Metal bands on the Fugue State label roster. These are NOT real 7" records with music on them, they are Design Objects meant to be displayed with the rest of your Art collection.

I will laser etching various materials to create the records and the sleeves will be digitally printed. Each release from Fugue State Records will be limited to no more that 10-50 pcs per colorway. Once a colorway is done it will not be released again.

In support of these releases I will also be doing other Artist Multiples such as band and label tshirts, gig posters, stickers & zines, all that will be released as the project continues.

My goal with the project is to create a world that has continuity. There will be multiple releases from the bands on the Fugue State label roster. New bands being signed and old bands moving on or breaking up. So the project is meant to be ongoing.

I plan on doing multiple art shows/record releases and putting out new Multiples regularly. So it will be just like following your favorite Punk Rock record label but its FINE ART!

The first release on Fugue State Records will be from Icelandic Black Metal band Asspanther. The first single will be their US debut and will feature the songs Eucharism b/w Religion is Mind Control. Their searing blastbeats and brutal vocals have made waves all over the the world. With little more than a cassette demo and a video tape of a live gig, they were signed to Fugue State Records no questions asked. Noted for their manic stage show and level of technical virtuosity, Asspanther is putting the Metal World on notice. Be sure to get your copy of this limited edition release that's sure to sell out fast!



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