YOSKAY YAMAMOTO - Online Exclusives

Info posted on Yoskay's Blog:

"Online Exclusives
after the successful koibito release party at munky king last month, i received many e-mails from over the sea/ out of the state fans. many of them expressed their excitement about koibito. and others expressed their sadness for missing the party and all the goodies which were available at the event....personally i understand their situation very well. there have been many cases that i wished i could of been back at home in japan. i wasn't be able to attend to some of these events in the past due to financial reasons and other circumstances, including two of my brothers weddings and many of the holidays........
so i made a decision to create online exclusive koibitos for those who couldn't make it to the official release party.
these four colours represent the four elements of the nature: earth, fire, wind, and water...

also there will be a very small run of "under the stars" gocco prints.
we are still working on the timing and the detail about this exclusive online release....
i will let you know as we figure it out."


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