Kathie Olivas recently added some pictures to her flickr of what looks like a bunch of The Scavengers mini-figures from S1 and S2 all primed up and hand painted on. Kathie states that she plans on creating about 100 of these mini-figures and releasing them as a Blind Box Series really soon. Personally, I am really looking forward to this Series and hope to get at least one or two pieces for myself.

Here's a direct quote from Kathie Olivas:

"The DIYs are all hand-primed white S1 & S2 figures, this includes at least 1 of every figure including the chases. They are all hand-drawn with a black sharpie and a few have metallic or color accents. I'm trying to finish 100, will then re-box them all up and sell them blindly when I sell the Hazels. A few of the DIY's will be set aside for some of flickr photo contest prizes."


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