The Nocturnal Show at Cardboard Spaceship opened last night, where both Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters unveiled new breathe-taking solo and collaborative efforts. The artwork being showcased ranged from various paintings, prints, and vinyl figures in all sizes, all the way up to a collaborated 4 ft. Qee that was as big as it was amazing... Even with most pieces already sold through Cardboard Spaceship's preview list, the turnout was still great with fans of all ages lined up not only to get doodles and sketches but were also waiting for their opportunity to meet both artists. From what I've seen, Kathie and Brandt are really passionate about their work and are very good to their fans, as they signed and doodled on pretty much everything that was placed in front of them. Kudos to the Cardboard Spaceship crew as well; by far some of the best people in the retail business, not only did they host an outstanding show, but they made sure every customer was well taken care of... Thanks again Nick!!!

To see the complete flickr set for Nocturnal CLICK HERE


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