Gallery1988 presents 88POINT5

Gallery1988 is launching a new online division called 88POINT5. It's a new interactive gallery and is set to launch on 10.04.08.

Info taken from Gallery1988:

We are very excited to announce that we are starting an online division of Gallery1988, and it's called 88POINT5. In addition to our gallery shows in LA and SF we will also have monthly online shows at WWW.88POINT5.COM.

In starting this project, we really wanted to focus a lot of attention on the artist. On the site you will see 15-20 new artworks for sale, the artist's bio and direct link to their website, and most important, we're adding a discussion forum. You will be able to communicate directly with the artist, ask them questions, give comments and have discussions.

We're launching 88POINT5 with an incredible artist named Jeannie Lynn Paske! You can check out her website here: http://www.obsoleteworld.com.

Jeannie's show opens on October 4th (very soon!) and future shows (just to name a few) will include Juri Ueda (Nov. 1) and Dan Goodsell (Nov. 29).

We feel that 88POINT5 is a great opportunity for us to really feature and give a lot of attention to emerging artists, while giving collectors a chance to purchase work at reasonable prices.

WWW.88POINT5.COM launches October 4th!

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